An amazing new discovery has been made with new artifacts from the time period of Cleopatra.  You and your team of highly regarded archaelogists travel to Egypt to help with the excavation of the Tomb to ensure that these artifacts are handled with care so they are not lost to the world.  You are lowered into the depths of the tomb to see these amazing treasures.  The last one into the tomb triggers an ancient alarm and the tomb seals with you trapped inside.  You need to decipher the ancient language and puzzles to release you and the artifacts back into the world. 



 The infamous Pirate Dixie Bull has sailed into Pemaquid Harbor after pillaging a community down south.  Rumor has it that there are many treasures aboard his ship.  You and your gang decide to stealthily board the ship in hope of commandeering his loot while his crew are on land replenishing their supplies.  You make it to the ship and find the stash down below in one of the ships state rooms.  You start packing your sacks with the spoils when you hear the door close and the lock slide into place.  You must decipher codes and puzzles and read the map that will locate the key to release you from the room before Dixie Bull comes back to find you amidst his treasures! 


Here at Midcoast Escape Rooms, You and your fishermen friends decide to wake up early to try and cat

 Here at Midcoast Escape Rooms, You and your fishermen friends decide to wake up early to try and catch the legendary 100 pound striper down to the shore.  You know exactly the perfect spot to get some bait to make your hook look most inviting.  After gaining permission from the guys at the New Harbor Co-Op you and your buddies go into the bait room to find some fish food.  While you are perusing the selection of  bait , the heavy refrigerated door closes and latches.  Your friends push on the door but with no luck its locked from the outside.  You will need to dig your way through the barrels and crates to find the key to let you out before the smell and cool temperature get to you. Minus the smell!! 



 The Fine Art Museum of Damariscotta has unveiled an exhibit of Art and fine jewels from the personal collection of  the royal family of Newcastle.  This collection includes some irreplaceable crown jewels that are worth millions of dollars.  You and your gang of highly trained jewel thieves who bribe the corrupt curator to let you in the museum where the collection is displayed, Only you forgot the one hidden alarm that seals the doors to the room!  Can you crack the clues and codes to release you before the security guards or the police find you?